Why You Should Use an Eye Serum Every Day

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Eye creams play a crucial role in your skincare routine, providing the eye area with a powerful burst of moisture – but if it’s a tightening, brightening, depuffing or smoothing visual effect you’re after, you also need an eye serum. Just like a facial serum, the best eye serums help to target specific skin concerns. 

Keep reading to discover what eye serum is, what it does, how to apply it, and where to find the right one for your under eye goals.  

What is eye serum? 

Designed specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes, eye serums are highly concentrated formulas infused with key ingredients to instantly revitalize and brighten the appearance of the eye area.  

Their lightweight formulas contain smaller molecules that can penetrate the surface layer of the skin, making it much easier for the ingredients to be absorbed. 

What does eye serum do? 

Eye serums help to target the appearance of signs of aging under and around the eyes, including wrinkles, dark circles, bags, and puffiness. Simply choose your under eye serum based on your skincare goals.  

Eye serum vs eye cream: what’s the difference? 

The difference between an eye serum and an eye cream is similar to the difference between a facial serum and a face cream. While serums have light and highly concentrated formulas that can penetrate the surface layers of the skin, creams have a thicker consistency that acts on top of the skin’s surface.  

Eye serums and eye creams work in unison, with the first serving as the treatment in your routine and the second creating a protective moisture barrier to lock in nutrients.  

How to apply eye serum 

Eye serums should be applied onto clean, toned skin morning and night. Dot around the eyes, then gently tap and dab into the skin for refreshed, rested and radiant-looking eyes. Wait 90 seconds, then follow up with a facial serum, eye cream and face cream.  

The correct skincare steps are: cleanser, toner, eye serum, facial serum, eye cream, face cream, SPF.

Find the best eye serum for your goals 

To find an eye serum for wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags or puffiness, explore No7’s collection of under eye serums below: 

Eye serum for wrinkles 

Formulated with No7’s powerful anti-wrinkle peptide technology, Matrixyl 3000+, No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes by up to 5 years in just 12 weeks. It’s our most concentrated line correcting serum yet and is suitable for all skin types.  

Apply directly to lines and wrinkles to see visible improvements in the appearance of crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles.   

Eye serum for dark circles 

No7 Laboratories Dark Circle Corrector blends plumping hyaluronic acid with soothing algae extract and our lightening technology to target the three causes of dark circles so skin appears firmer, calmer and less hyperpigmented.  

Apply using the cooling massaging applicator to instantly brighten and revitalize the appearance of the under eye area and help reduce the look of dark circles in just 2 weeks. 

Eye serum for bags 

Combining hydrating hyaluronic acid and brightening Vitamin C with anti-aging Vitamin A, cassava and peptides, No7 Youthful Eye Serum instantly revitalizes and brightens the appearance of skin around the eyes for a boost of youthful radiance. It targets under eye bags and puffiness, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. 

After cleansing and toning, dot the serum onto the skin and gently blend into the contours of the eye area.  

Eye serum for puffiness 

No7 Radiance+ Illuminating Eye Masks deliver a powerful dose of radiance-boosting Vitamin C serum onto the under eye area. Designed to fit seamlessly and comfortably under the eyes, they instantly reduce the appearance of puffiness, revealing refreshed, radiant-looking eyes in just 10 minutes.  

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