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While following a daily skincare routine is an effective way to maintain a healthy-looking complexion, skin occasionally needs an extra dose of nourishing ingredients to look and feel its best. That’s why skincare capsules are a great addition to your skincare routine.  

Delivering a single dose of potent ingredients, capsules for skin can be added into your routine to target specific concerns as desired. 

Keep reading to learn more about skincare capsules, their benefits and how to use them, as we introduce you to the brand new No7 Advanced Ingredients Facial Skincare Capsules 

Skincare capsules: what are they and why use them? 

Skincare capsules are tiny containers that provide a highly potent dose of nourishing ingredients (like Vitamin C, Vitamin E or hyaluronic acid) to the skin. Capsules for skin are beneficial for three key reasons: 

  • Skincare personalization: capsules can be added to your routine when needed, to target specific skin concerns.  
  • Maintaining ingredient potency: they are carefully sealed to keep the damaging effects of light and air out, ensuring the ingredients don’t lose potency.  
  • Portion control: each capsule contains one perfectly dosed usage, delivering the exact amount for best efficacy. 

How to use skincare capsules 

Complementary to a regular skincare routine, capsules for the face can be applied morning or night. 

After cleansing and toning, open the skincare capsule by gently twisting the tab around twice. Squeeze the formula onto your fingertips, then smooth over the face and neck. Follow up with your favorite No7 serum and face cream.  

The best skincare capsules: No7 Skincare Boosters 

Newly-launched, the No7 Advanced Ingredients Facial Skincare Capsules collection includes 4 skincare capsule formulations that provide a simple but effective way to boost your existing skincare regime.  

Select a skincare capsule to either smooth and nourish, hydrate and plump, add radiance and lift, or firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. All capsule shells are 95% plant derived and 100% plastic free. 

  1. No7 Advanced Ingredients Squalane  
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    No7 Advanced Ingredients Squalane  

    Squalane is a powerful emollient that helps to lubricate the skin and prevent moisture loss. 

    Formulated with 100% plant derived Pure Squalane, these No7 skincare capsules help to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and avoid trans-epidermal water loss, leaving skin feeling smoother and more elastic.  

    Apply onto cleansed, toned skin once a day before using your favorite No7 serum and moisturizer.  

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  2. No7 Advanced Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid & Camellia Oil 
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    No7 Advanced Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid & Camellia Oil 

    Hyaluronic acid helps to repair the moisture barrier for smoother, softer and plumper-looking skin, while camellia oil works to replenish lost hydration. 

    Formulated with different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and camellia oil, these capsules for the face deliver both instant and long-lasting hydration, helping to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  

    Smooth these hyaluronic acid capsules onto a cleansed face and neck once a day for skin that looks visibly smooth and lifted in just 4 weeks. 

    Find out more about the benefits of hyaluronic acid.


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  3. No7 Advanced Ingredients Vitamin C & Vitamin E  
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    No7 Advanced Ingredients Vitamin C & Vitamin E  

    Vitamins C and E help to visibly brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots, lending the complexion a vibrant and healthy-looking glow.  

    Formulated with Vitamin E and 20% Vitamin C, these capsules for the face leave skin looking brighter, more even and lifted. Dark spots appear reduced in just 4 weeks, while skin looks more radiant after 8 weeks. 

    Before applying serum and moisturizer, smooth onto a cleansed face and neck.  

    Find out more about the benefits of Vitamin C.

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  4. No7 Advanced Ingredients Ceramide & Peptides
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    No7 Advanced Ingredients Ceramide & Peptides

    Responsible for skin’s firmness, plumpness and elasticity, peptides and ceramides help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

    These capsules help to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leaving skin feeling smoother, firmer and more elastic in just 4 weeks. 

    For best results, apply onto cleansed skin once a day before using serum or moisturizer.  

    Find out more about the benefits of peptides.



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