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Glycolic Peel

No7 Laboratories Resurfacing Peel 15% Glycolic Acid

Peel To Reveal Instantly Younger Skin

Introducing No7 Laboratories Resurfacing Peel 15% Glycolic Acid – a gentle yet powerful 5-minute wash-off treatment for renewed, youthful radiance.

Glycolic Peel

For dramatically smoother, healthier-looking skin

Born from our expertise in science and skincare, is No7 Laboratories Resurfacing Peel 15% Glycolic Acid. This clinically-proven, dermatologist-approved formula removes dead cells from the skin's surface to deeply clarify, instantly refining the appearance of pores and improving the appearance of skin tone to reveal a brighter complexion, with minimized appearance of lines and wrinkles

Visible results

Visible results

90% of women considering a professional peel treatment said it could now wait!*

After 6 weeks of using No7 Laboratories Resurfacing Peel 15% Glycolic Acid, women achieved these results:

  • Dramatically smoother and softer skin
  • A more radiant and healthy-looking complexion
  • Pores appear clarified and refined
  • Skin tone looked more even

*Consumer testing on 77 UK women, considering a peel treatment at a clinic after 6 weeks.

Directions for use

  • In the evening, apply to clean, dry skin using a cotton pad or your fingertips
  • Leave on for 5 minutes
  • Wash away with water, or for best results, remove with a damp cloth
  • Follow with your favorite No7 serum and night cream
  • Follow with a sunscreen product daily, as peel products can make skin more sensitive to sunlight

*Always conduct a patch test before applying generously

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